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Nanny Poppins

P.O. Box 4236
Covington, LA

Category: Nanny Agencies

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About Us

Our Nannies
All Nannies that are hired by Nanny Poppins go through a Nation Wide and local background check; we look for misdemeanors, felonies and federal crimes. We also do a drug screen; this looks for common household drugs, along with drugs you would find on the street. The Social Security verification is to make sure they have been living in the state of Louisiana for over 1 year and they do not have multiple addresses or alias, and we also interview each potential Nanny in our office several times before the Nanny is chosen to work for us. The potential Nannys must also provide at least 3 years of references to the company to show 3 years experience. All of this is done at the expense of the agency and not by our clients or potential Nannys to insure accuracy .


Nannies are available for full-time placement or for just a few hours a week ( Minimum of 4 hours per sitting) . Our Nannies allow you the freedom to take care of yourself, run some errands on your own, go have lunch with the girls or date night and let you have the pace of mind that your most important possession is in the caring hands of Nanny Poppins. We also sit for children that are too sick to go to school. Please inform us of the type of illness and if it is contagious. Please call as soon as you know about your scheduling needs. If you want a particular Nanny, please request if she is available.


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