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Miriam Constantine

215 N. Owens St.
Stillwater, MN

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About Us

Hello! I'm seeking to apply for a nanny job. Preferably during daytime weekday hours. I'm 28 years old, and have about 4yrs experience working with children in both daycare and outdoor camp settings. I have also worked for 2 years as a peer tutor at Century College. I currently work seasonally at Ymca Camp St. Croix teaching environmental education and team building to a variety of ages. I love it, but the hours there have been dwindling due to funding, etc. So far I have finished my AA degree with additional psych, health and nutrition courses. I love learning, teaching, music, being outdoors, hula-hooping, and any opportunity to make a positive influence on those around me.. I consider myself a good-natured, reliable, hard-working, energetic person. I support and practice a healthy lifestyle—from nutrition, positive communication, earth-friendliness, and activities that enhance and promote cognitive development and physical well-being. I'm most definitely willing to help with housework, homework, cooking, errands, pets, and devoting time for play and growth—essential for all.


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