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Windsor House Nannies, LLC

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About Us

Windsor House Nannies is a full service nanny and sitting service agency based in Austin, Texas. It was founded with the mission to provide the highest quality of trained and experienced nannies, sitters and au pairs. We want to bring to Texas a piece of that age old Great British tradition of having highly educated and qualified child care professionals take care of your children. From our experience we believe when a family seeks a nanny or babysitter, what they want and deserve, is the most trustworthy, reliable and experienced child care professional they can find. We intend to offer just this; an agency that encourages further education and training of its nannies and in turn offers your family a kind, responsible and nurturing care taker for your most precious little ones. Windsor House Nannies is an agency that wants to give our families a little something more, the best we can find, the best we have, the Great British standard of nannies and sitters.


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