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Exceptional Nannies LLC

455 N Concord Pkwy N #7008
Concord, NC

Category: Nanny Agencies

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About Us

Exceptional Nannies for Exceptional Children is a nanny agency in Charlotte, NC, specializing in children with special needs. After years of working as a therapist and a nanny for kids with special needs, I have realized the significant need there is to find care. We help families nannies that are not only sweet, reliable and compassionate, but have the experience and knowledge to understand kids with special needs. Who see the kids fullest potential, and doesn't limit them by their disability. Who have the desire and patience to be silly and different with them, and can work through the challenges they have in their daily lives with them. Our nannies are not only qualified, screened, and have years of experience, they have the desire and love to be with exceptional children and embrace them. There are no other agencies (to my knowledge) in North Carolina that offer or specialize in kids with special needs. All nannies are safe and have a full background, reference, driving and identity verification check.


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