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Jillian Charles

712Crown St. Apt.21E
Brooklyn, NY

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About Us

I am looking for a long term nanny position with a family for a newborn of up to 8 months, starting off with 1 child, I have great checkable references from both past and present employers. My present position is coming to an end because my employers are relocating, and there needs are now defferent from what I have to offer. I presently take care of a 3.75 year old and a 14 month old, both whom I love and would miss very much for they are such wonderfull kids whom I have been with since the elder was 3 months old. The family l had before I was with for 3 years but there needs had also changed because both children were in school. And the family before them I was with for 8 years being 4 children. They were all great jobs but when kids grow up sadly sometimes one has to move on.


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