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Ellie Blu Agency

200 Park Avenue, Suite 1700
New York, NY

Category: Nanny Agencies

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About Us

Ellie Blu Agency is a Childcare & Household Staffing Agency.


Ellie Blu Agency

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KG, New york, NY - 06/06/2016

This company is a fraud! These people took my money and run! Worst experience of my life! A while ago I hired them to get our family a baby nurse and paid them the placement fee upfront. When the baby nurse never showed up to our house I called them and asked for a refund. They were very apologetic and seemingly professional on the phone and they agreed, in writing, to refund my money. A while later, after the refund never came, they stopped answering my calls. So I took them to court and they didn't even bother showing up. Naturally the court issued a judgement in my favor and ordered them to pay me back. Unfortunately these people are nowhere to be found! I have sent them letters and they have been returned to the sender. Their address in NY (228 Park Avenue South)is a P.O. Box and there is no one there! Their other NY address at 200 Park Avenue Suite 1700 is a virtual address, so again there is no one there! So to this day, in spite of a court order to pay me back, they are still hiding with my money. Also, until a few days ago their website claimed they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and that they are a member of the International Nanny Association, but they are NOT! I called both institutions and they have have never heard of them! Since then they have taken the BBB's and International Nanny Association's logos down from their website, no doubt because they have been issued a cease and desist letter from both these institutions.
Do NOT be fooled by the fancy website and the polite person at the other end of the phone! This is a SCAM and they will take your money and run! DO NOT make the same mistake i did and do not hire these people.