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Nicole Boyd

PO Box 3345
Washington, DC

Category: Nanny Agencies

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Buckingham specializes in caregivers who are true professionals and have chosen private family childcare as a life long career. Our candidates are college educated, and offer many specialties such as foreign language instruction, performing arts and special needs care. We work with families nationwide.


Nicole Boyd

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Stephen Stetson, Washington DC - 10/18/2015

Fraud. Took the money but did not provide the service and refused to refund the fee. Same happened to other people as shown on yelp. Red flags were there, but this was my first time using an agency. We were cheated. Stay away from this person and any business she may be involved with.

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Anonymous, DC Metro Area - 03/06/2018

Nannies work for a living. Sometimes the reality is they can't work for less than in the range of $20-30/hour for 1-2 kids because in the DC area you have to pay housing and living expensees and some nannies can't allow themselves to be exploited in a domestic setting. Be truthful and ask yourself if you where planning to pay the Nanny appropriate wages or if you where parents planning to live off of your domestic worker!