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Olive You Nanny-Charlotte

6413 Baltray Rd
Charlotte, NC

Category: Nanny Agencies

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About Us

Olive.You.Nanny has been running for the past 5 years and we are not your typical Agency. We meet every family we work with in person.

We will walk you through the process of finding, hiring and keeping your nanny. We meet in person with each nanny individually and do a thorough background/reference check. They are CPR certified and have current First Aid Training before they start in your home and have a minimum of three years experience.

Everyone who works for Olive.You.Nanny has been a nanny and we are moms, so we are very experienced!


Olive You Nanny-Charlotte

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TC, Chicago, IL - 02/17/2018

Olive You Nannies should not be hired to place your nanny or domestic help as its director, Jessica Schwartz is unethical and negligent. Several months ago a client of Olive you Nanny informed Jessica that a nanny (initials SGP) had placed was stealing from them. SGP's employment was subsequently terminated. When informed of this, Jessica was completely indifferent and she did not attempt to help the client pursue criminal charges and, most importantly, Jessica did not inform other Chicago area nanny agencies that the nanny, SGP, was a thief and should not be hired (note: it is common practice in Chicago to share the names of "blacklisted" individuals). In the ensuing two months, the nanny SGP was hired by two other Chicago families (including mine) and in both instances stole thousands of dollars of cash and jewelry before being terminated. Said another way, Jessica Schwartz consciously and knowingly allowed a criminal into the homes of other families with young children due to her indifference. Had Jessica Schwartz done what is ethically and morally right and informed her competition, SGP would not have been hired by other families. The nanny SGP was finally arrested and charged on October 8th. Jessica Schwartz cares only about herself and protecting her company and not protecting her clients or other Chicago families. Accordingly, Chicago families should not use this agency to find a nanny.