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Bonnie, Bonnie - 10/02/2013

Outstanding! Pleased that you visited the onpharage and went inside. It is interesting that Violet Ann did not want to leave the bus and wanted Shannon to stay with her. It appears that Violet Ann knows a good thing when she sees it she doesn't want to take any chance that she could lose her parents a second time. The photo where Violet Ann is sitting in Shannon's lap shows a young lady who is rapidly adapting to her new family. She looks very confident and assured of her surroundings. While we believe it was the right thing to do see as much of Violet's roots as possible you made the ultimate sacrifice to not go to the zoo and see the pandas! Even though we collect elephants, it would be fine if you send me a panda instead a live panda! And, please ship several tons of bamboo with the panda. If you have the opportunity before you return, take some photos of the pandas in the zoo. Thanks so much for the photos taken along the roads traveled. Having never been to China (yet), your photos are breaking down some of our long-held stereotypes of China. While we're anxious to see you return home, what a memorable experience you are having in visiting Violet Ann's homeland and where she has been taken care of for nearly three years. No doubt, it was intended for Violet Ann to be found by you through the adoption process. Thanks so much for helping us experience a portion of the memories you are sharing with us through the benefits of technology. Love, Grandpa and Nana