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Nancy Patterson

11421 Cane Crossing Road
Charlotte, NC

Category: Nanny Agencies

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About Us

Empty nester who moved here from the midwest with my husband,to be near our 2 daughters. (Our son also recently moved to New York City). I have my WSI and taught swimming and was a lifegaurd in high school and college. (also guarded at The Municipal Swimming Baths in Southampton' England for a couple of years) My husband and I hosted 2 exchange students when our children were growing up and my own family hosted the 1st foreign exchange student in our hometown when I was young. Love kids,am pretty easygoing but always concerned about their safety and whereabouts. I would never forgive myself if something happened to a child while they were in my care.
I think I would be a good nanny. I have a variety of interests and common sense.
Our own children are pretty good citizens!


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