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Nannies of Brentwood

Hitching Post Lane
Nashville, TN

Category: Nanny Agencies

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About Us

We are a professional domestic agency. We place caregivers in homes to live in or live out, full time and part time.
We have elder care, pet sitting and handy man services.
We hire nothing but the best and do extensive screening on each person that works for our agency.

Call or visit our website today!

~~~~~~~~~~We provide group care too. Looking for childcare for your wedding or at an area hotel?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Nannies of Brentwood

Cost: ****

Professionalism: *****

Experience: *****

Friendliness: *****


Stephanie Upton, Brentwood,Tn - 07/31/2010

We contacted several agencies when our daughter was born to get information on the process, price and availability. After speaking with several other agencies in the Nashville area, it was an easy decision! The only agency that actually answered the phone. When they answered the person was very knowledgeable about the entire process. She was friendly and understanding did not make me feel pressured or rushed. She stayed on the phone for over an hour answering the many questions we had.

The agency gave us references to call and everyone that had used Nannies of Brentwood had an excellence experience.

The price was more reasonable than the other agencies and they offered so much more!!

We have had our nanny for about 6 months now and she is fabulous. The agency has checked in regularly to make sure things are going great. We are very pleased and will use them for many years!

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Shittu, Shittu - 10/04/2013

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Cami, Cami - 03/05/2014

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