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Perfect Match Nannies & Sitters

2811 Milton Ave. #408
Janesville, WI

Category: Nanny Agencies

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Perfect Match Nannies & Sitters

Cost: ****

Professionalism: *****

Experience: *****

Friendliness: *****


R. R., Pewaukee, WI - 10/15/2009

One of our friends suggested this agency and I was very hesitant, because of the amount of money- I thought "what did this agency have to offer that I couldn't do on my own." Nettie (the owner) came to our home, met with us and was knowledgeable about things that we hadn't even thought of or knew of, and was just a jovial spirit. We felt so confident of the high screening that each nanny was put through. I even called one morning at 6:58AM on my way to work and she was already in her office. A super experience, we'd do it again and we love our home manager they placed with us.

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Azam, Azam - 10/04/2013

Dick and family: Thank you for shirnag Barb with us friends for 53 years she was my forever friend. I treasure the last morning we had at the Nursin home where we drank coffee and shared peanut butter cookies. I am grateful I had the opportunity to thank her for the friendship all these years. My reg ret was with my job having to travel all over the country and didn't get home much but Barb always kept in touch. Please know that Dan and I are just a call away and at the bait shop for a cup of coffee or just quiet time whenever you need it. Saying good bye is never easy but sometime we have to if we love some one as much as we loved Barb. She is resting with angels now.