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The Seattle Nanny Network

1715 Market Street
Kirkland, WA

Phone: 425-803-9511
Website: The Seattle Nanny Networkhttp://www.seattlenanny.com/

Category: Nanny Agencies

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The Seattle Nanny Network

Cost: *

Professionalism: *

Experience: *

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Upset nanny, Seattle - 09/14/2016

They are only after money and do not have a competent team. They do not support their nannies, only money. If you are looking for a nanny job, do not go through them. They are a nightmare to work with.

The Seattle Nanny Network

Cost: *****

Professionalism: *****

Experience: *****

Friendliness: *****


John, Seattle, WA - 05/15/2009

We looked at a variety of nanny services. We only wanted part-time service, not a full-time nanny. A couple of local agencies could handle that, but Seattle Nanny had a very robust website that clearly explained how it worked. They are definitely the most plugged-in and forward-looking nanny service I found in the Seattle area.

In the months since we started, we've had great results. SNN sends us a resume/profile of each nanny candidate for us to review. We tried a variety of part-time nannies, all of whom were professional and responsible, and eventually we found one who was a perfect fit for us.

We've been working with her for a while now and despite our many schedule changes and requests, both our SNN rep and our nanny have been helpful and courteous. We really like our nanny and have no reservations about recommending SNN. On the rare occasion when we need a nanny at an odd time and our usual nanny isn't available, SNN has found someone for us.

When we went to Portland for the weekend, SNN even hooked us up with a nanny service down there who could provide an in-hotel nanny for a few hours one night during our visit. That really saved our trip and I'm grateful to SNN for helping us make it happen.

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Regina, Regina - 10/02/2013

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Storm, Storm - 03/05/2014

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