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Neighborhood Nannies

5 N Haddon Ave # 2
Haddonfield, NJ

Category: Nanny Agencies

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Neighborhood Nannies

Cost: ***

Professionalism: *****

Experience: *****

Friendliness: *****


katherine, cherry hill, n.j. - 09/09/2009

We have used Neighborhood Nannies for over ten years. We had one newborn when we first registered and now have 3 children!!! One of the reasons that we went with them was because we had done a lot of research and started calling different agencies and they were ALL OUT OF BUSINESS. Neighborhood Nannies has been around a really long time so I thought they were doing something right. We hired a full time nanny from them and she has been with us for the entire ten years. We also use them for nights and weekends when our regular nanny isn't available. We have been very very pleased. I would be happy to be a reference for them.

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