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Nannies of Kansas City LTD

4421 W 112th Terr
Leawood, KS

Category: Nanny Agencies

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Nannies of Kansas City LTD

Cost: *****

Professionalism: *****

Experience: *****

Friendliness: *****


Elizabeth, kansas city - 10/04/2012

Nannies of Kansas City is a great place to find a job with a quality family. Georganne has the nanny's best interest at heart and is so approachable and understanding. It couldn't be easier to work with her! Nannies of KC is definitely a step above the other nanny agencies in the area. I have worked for both College nannies and Nanny Nexus and they didn't compare.

Nannies of Kansas City LTD

Cost: *

Professionalism: *

Experience: *

Friendliness: *


Todd, Kansas - 05/11/2011

They were the worst! They put our children in jeopardy many times and the owner Georganne did not care at all. We surprise visited only to find out the babysitters did homework when the chidlren were awake, they were on the cell phone during feedings and they showed up as much as 1/2 hour late on more than one occassion.

We have four month old twin sons who are angels. Everyone wants to take care of them- but the owner does not care about safety of children. She does nothing to review her babysitters, does no orientation and when we told her of the problems, she did not care!

Many times, we came home and our beautiful sons had not been fed for five hours! They had been sitting in wet diapers. When we told Georgeanne, she said we were too difficult! She actually stopped serving us- because our demands of feeding our children, changing their diapers, not being on the phone during feedings and not doing homework while the kids were awake were too demanding!

000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars. The worst! Do not use them!

Day care- here we come...

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Zaiyah, Zaiyah - 08/18/2011

Way to use the ientrnet to help people solve problems!


Lara, Olathe, KS - 10/14/2011

Thank you for sharing. Probably saved me a lot of headache.


Eliza, kansas city - 10/04/2012

If Georgeanne said you were difficult, you probably were! If it was so bad, why did you use them so many times? In general Leawood parents are so demanding and treat their "help" like crap is my experience as a nanny... good luck with daycare, you'll have pot smoking high school dropouts watching your kids :)