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Central Iowa Nannies

5835 Grand Ave 1st Ave W # 1
West Des Moines, IA

Category: Nanny Agencies

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Central Iowa Nannies

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Shocked Mom, Iowa - 01/14/2014

We had a great experience with our fist nanny we found through her. The second time two years later was a disaster. The nanny that came with glowing recommendations was awful! I had people telling me all sorts of awful things they witnessed. Her response was she didn't understand because the woman nannied for a prominent family in the community and the loved her. (Does it matter if the pope likes someone who mistreats your children?! NO!!) When I told her people were so upset by what they had seen that they had said she could call them, her response was that legally she wasn't responsible! All I wanted was to make sure this didn't happen again. I was shocked by her response.

The other issue that happened at this same time was this nanny had come on specifically to help out starting the week that I would be out of town. I'm the one that works out pay, hours, etc. with any of the nannies we've had so I told the nanny that I would pay her when I came back the next week. So, she asks my husband to pay her. When he says "I don't do that, my wife will pay you when she gets back." The nanny calls up the agency owner and tells her she doesn't think we are going to pay her. Does the owner call me? Nope, that would be too professional! She instead called both the girls who worked for us the last two years before moving away and asked them if they had problems with us not paying. (Of course they both said no!!) I couldn't believe she started calling around about us without even talking to me beforehand!

Yes, the first two girls (one was our regular nanny and the other was a emergency fill-in that we liked so much we kept her part-time too) were gems. The way this lady runs her business overall showed me we got really lucky the first time. I will never go back!! This last experience was so awful that I just decided to avoid hiring anyone again because it is not worth the experience that my autistic son was put through with that last "nanny."

Central Iowa Nannies

Cost: ***

Professionalism: *

Experience: **

Friendliness: ***


Grace, DesMoines Ia - 11/03/2013

As a 25 yr veteran in the Nanny/Child development field I feel I need to make potential parents aware that this particular agent runs this business in a very haphazard non confidential way utilizing facebook as a way to toss out info about families and the first girl that responds "gets the job" if no one response then she calls Nannies that are currently in contracts (some she herself placed) with other families to offer the new job in order to get the placement. This is so very unprofessional.