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Silicon Valley Nannies

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Silicon Valley Nannies

Cost: *****

Professionalism: ****

Experience: ***

Friendliness: *****


Julie, Saratoga, CA - 01/09/2010

I was in the need of an after-school nanny because the after-school day care was not a good fit for my special needs child. The owner, Meetha, really listened to our family's needs and matched us up with a great nanny who had experience with special needs kids. Wendy is great with my son. She not only sets firm boundaries and plans fun activities for him but also helps me with dinner preparation and taking my son to his appointments. I would recommend Silicon Valley Nannies to anyone looking for a nanny! I know they are a new agency but the owner really does know her stuff.

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ELy, ELy - 10/02/2013

No regardless of knoniwg what time we say to do lunch, asks if he wants to go to sleep even though we repeatedly say (having been through hell with a non-sleeper) put him to be at xx and walk out do not linger the list of non respect for our parenting wishes could go on and on this is a family member, yet instead of feeling comfortable in being able to leave our child in her care, we simply cant and have to be near to do the important things a child needs. Yet he goes to day care on another day, 1 girl there is often saying I love you to him and well the affection and care he gets from a professional child care person for us allows us to feel completely comfortable as they keep him totally safe I would choose affection shared any day than disrespect for our parenting boundaries!


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