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Arder Agency

800 W. Sunset Ave
Springdale, AR

Category: Nanny Agencies

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Arder Agency

Cost: *****

Professionalism: *****

Experience: *

Friendliness: *


Furkan, Furkan - 10/04/2013

Help, I've been informed and I can't become igroannt.

Arder Agency

Cost: **

Professionalism: ***

Experience: *****

Friendliness: ****


Seren, Seren - 10/02/2013

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Arder Agency

Cost: *****

Professionalism: *****

Experience: *****

Friendliness: *****

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arder, rogers,ar - 09/17/2009

Awesome set of highly traines and loving nannies!

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Estefany, Estefany - 10/02/2013

Высказывания американцев о зарплатах официанток и чаевых. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets a federal miminum wage of $5.15 per hour for covered, nonexempt employees. An employer of a tipped employee is only required to pay $2.13 an hour in direct wages if that amount plus the tips received equals at least the federal miminum wage I waitressed for 6 years and never got paid a higher wage than $2.33 an hour. The taxes I had to pay were higher than that! Wait staff live solely on tips. When they get stiffed, it's like you working but not getting paid for that hour! If waiters were paid more, menu prices would be higher and you still won't get the same great service. If servers were going to work for a strictly hourly rate, I can assure you that rate would be high. If the hourly rate were high, guess what would happen to the prices you pay when you go out to eat or drink? That money would have to come from somewhere. и т.д. и т.д.Т.е. заплатив чаевые 15% (за два стэйка по $10)= $3, когда от вас ожидали по-крайней мере $ 7-10- представьте, что опять подумала о канадцах та официантка?