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S'il Vous Plait Nanny Agency

831 2nd street
Santa Monica, CA



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About Us

A Boutique placement nanny agency located in the Los Angeles area provides a highly personalized service; we specialize in experienced, career nannies; we also place all domestic employees and take care of household staffing placement.


S'il Vous Plait Nanny Agency

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natalia Taylor, Sherman Oaks - 12/21/2011

As a working nannie, i had an appointment with a agent for sil vous pliat, to reveiw my resume. ( The name sounded really classy... well dont be fooled, this agency did not live up to its pretentious name.) I thought this establishment would be a professional office space with phones, receptionist ETC. instead I was led to this dungeon of an apartment in glendale. There were clothing,and boxes thrown about, with dirty dishes in the kitchen. Needless to say I was unimpressed by the scenery,and i was equally unimpressed by the agent representing sil vous plait who was unprofessional on how she handled my personal business info on my resume. Two words," dont Go"

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Kamis, Kamis - 10/02/2013

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Marina, Santa Monica - 11/30/2013

Hello Natalia, I am afraid that we never met; I am not located in Glendale.


Ally, Ally - 03/05/2014

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