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A Whim Agency

23 Park St
Woodacre, CA


Category: Nanny Agencies

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About Us

Since 1978, WHIM AGENCY has provided child care services to the Bay Area for almost 40 years.
Our experienced staff will work with your individual needs. We understand how the right chemistry between the family and the child care provider saves you from frustration and concern. WHIM will work with you to make the best possible match; whether filling in for your regular sitter, permanent or part-time schedules, overnights, weekends, or vacations.
Our roster of workers includes: moms, R.N.'s, college students, school teachers, and grandmothers, some who have already raised their own families.
WHIM child care providers are independent contractors and are paid directly by the client. They are also screened for character, conscientiousness, and competence. They have been personally interviewed and their references carefully checked. In addition, all child care providers are required to register with the California Trustline, which is a criminal record check.
Please call us, we would love to be of service.


A Whim Agency

Cost: ****

Professionalism: *****

Experience: *****

Friendliness: *****


Lila, Mill Valley - 02/12/2012

We love our "babysitter" we contracted through Whim. She has been watching our three wild and wooly kids for 4 years now and hasn't given up on us. You don't just accidently stumble on quality like that. I trust Whim for so many personal staffing needs. It's really hard to leave your kids with an "unknown". Thank God for the conscientious attention to detail in background checking of the gals at Whim. Just wouldn't want to leave our precious bunch with anyone else!