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Arranging Your Nanny's Job Requirements

Posted in Hiring Nannies

There are many reasons that you may consider hiring a permanent nanny for your children. Perhaps your work schedule is intensifying, or you foresee traveling more in the near future – or maybe you simply want to open up your schedule a bit more. Regardless of your reasons, once you make the decision to hire a nanny, you will have a number of specific considerations to think over.

For example, you will certainly have to plan ahead to decide what you’ll be paying your nanny, what her specific job requirements will be, and how you want to arrange your contract. It is important not to think of this as hiring a babysitter, but rather as taking on a full-time employee – for career nannies, caring for your children and/or your home , is exactly that: a full time job.

Budget For Childcare – Standard rates for nannies do not necessarily exist – rather, these rates tend to vary depending on your town or region. For example, nannies in Chicago may typically demand a different rate than nannies in Des Moines, etc. Fortunately, there are resources to help you to figure out an appropriate rate. Care.com’s babysitter rates calculator, for example, can be a great tool for figuring out what a full-time nanny in your area may expect as payment. Once you have a good idea in this regard, you can consider what duties you will want your nanny to prefer, and decide upon an appropriate rate.

Job Requirements – As mentioned briefly above, you will also need to give careful consideration to what, specifically, you want your new nanny to be responsible for. It is not enough to simply leave the nanny with your children and expect good results.

Do you want your nanny to take part in the upkeep of your home when she is around? Do you want her focused exclusively on your children? Do you want her responsible for taking care of your children outside of the home (for example, driving them to appointments, taking them to the pool, etc.)? These are all questions that you will have to answer for yourself in advance, so that you can present your new nanny with a clear set of expectations and responsibilities.

You must also consider that it is inappropriate and unreasonable to overload your nanny. It can be an easy and honest mistake to impart too much responsibility on a nanny, and this can backfire, as the nanny will be less productive, and less content. Be certain to be thorough, but reasonable, with your expectations and job requirements.

Work Contract – If you are considering hiring a full-time nanny, you need to remember that this is different from simply hiring a babysitter for the day. You cannot simply pay a full-time employee with cash at the end of the day.

Essentially, you should think of this like any other work contract you have ever signed or drawn up for regular employment. Figure out exact hours, salary, and overtime policies, and remember to allow for vacation time for your nanny, etc. You should also look into what benefits you can provide – for example, paying a portion, at least, of your nanny’s health insurance. Such considerations are expected in full-time employment.

It is also important to allow for change in your contract. Particularly with something like a nanny, situations may change relatively frequently, and you may require more or less from her at a given time. Allow for such alterations in your contract, so that there are not issues that arise should changes come up.